Monday, June 17, 2013

Product Review: Cotton Snaps

I stumbled across these practical little cuties a few months ago and instantly fell in love. I've been using Croakies for years, always getting frustrated at how short they are and how it messed up my hair every time I pulled them over my head (and they were so hard to attach to my sunglasses I didn't dare unattach them every time). All those problems are solved with Cotton Snaps!

Grayson got me these adorable pink and white seersucker Cotton Snaps for my birthday:

Find this exact pair here:

They attach by magnets so that you don't have to mess up your hair when you take them off!

They are much longer (and hang much lower) than croakies, which is nice because it doesn't interfere with shirt collars, big necklaces, etc.

Though they are a bit more pricey than Croakies, I think they're well worth it. They come in a wide variety of cute patterns for both guys and girls! Check out the website here:

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