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Two years ago on my first mission trip to Haiti, I fell in love with the Haitian people. I was amazed at how they have so little, yet are so happy and full of a life, energy and hope I had never seen before. On that trip, I formed lasting and meaningful relationships, saw Jesus work in a powerful way, and a desire was formed deep within my heart to continue taking the love of Jesus to these people that have captured my heart. Now, in the midst of graduating from college, starting my first job, preparing for my wedding in December, and purchasing our first home, my fiancĂ© and I are stepping out in faith to answer the call of missions that the Lord has placed on our hearts. When I began making these bracelets as a way to raise money for our trip to Jacmel, Haiti in August, I had no idea how the Lord would use them or that He would prepare the way for greater things to come of something as simple as wire and a few beads. 
The mission behind these bracelets is simple: to take the abounding love of Jesus Christ to the Haitian people, to help connect women all across the world, and to help Haitian women provide for their families. Despite cultural, racial or age differences, the truth is that women here are not all that different than women there. By creating a beautiful reminder of the love that binds us together, these bracelets help bridge the gap, allowing people to participate in this mission of taking the Gospel to Haiti by purchasing bracelets whether they are able to physically “go” or not.
The name, “Renmen Abonde,” which is Creole for “love abounds,” came to me after much prayer and research. I wanted the name to be special, different, and something that truly describes the purpose of the mission behind them. 
My genuine hope is that this page gives you a glimpse into what these bracelets are made of, what they mean, and the potential they have to change lives.  If you're interested in purchasing some, please email me at or see more on instagram @renmenabonde.

Preparing for my first ever Renmen Abonde Home show, so graciously hosted by Holly Stokes. Jesus has been so good to me, and He never fails to present perfect opportunities to shine for Him and use the talents He's given me. I am so thankful and he gets all the glory!This pearl bracelet is one of my favorites. This classic beauty goes with everything and comes in large, medium or small pearl sizes!

 Love these patriotic pretties! Perfect for Memorial Day or the 4th of July!
These are beads purchased for the bridal collection!  The photo on the right shows how perfectly the bride's new bracelets match her headband. This bride sure knows how to accessorize!

 These earthy beauties are the Jericho collection:

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