Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Good Deed

My day started out this morning with a very rude owner of a mechanic shop yelling at me and accusing me of "trying to pull something on him." After taking my car to simply get a signal light bulb replaced and leaving with my air conditioner broken, the EPC light on, the brake light on, and an incessant beeping that is driving me crazy, I was very upset. If the car was fine when I took it to him and messed up when he left, he should fix it. Crying, and barely being able to get a word in edge wise over his harsh tone, I finally ended the conversation by saying, "I've never had anyone talk to me as disrespectfully and unprofessionally as you. I will never be doing business with you again."

I couldn't stop crying (if you make me mad enough to cry... you better look out). I have to get my car to pass the state inspection so I can get my tag renewed or they will cancel my insurance! So, a friend of mine at work suggested I go talk to someone in our car department here at AAA, so I thought why not, I might as well see if they can help me.

Well, after telling a man named JR my whole story, he cheered me up and went out to take a look at my car himself. He is a car salesman, not even a mechanic, and he went out in the heat, got down on the ground to look under my car, opened the hood and hooked my car up to machine. He got out the manual and explained everything to me. He thinks the reason all these things went out at once is simply a fuse that can be easily fixed. He went far far above and beyond and that made such an impact on me. But that's not all! He even called a friend of his, who just happens to be a manager at one of AAA's car car facilities and he's going to take a look at my car first thing in the morning, for free!

It's amazing how one good deed from what was practically a stranger turned my whole day around. Yes, there are mean, hateful people in this world.... but, there are also good, kind people in this world who would give the shirt off their back to help someone in need. When is the last time you went out of your way to help someone? You never know what a difference you could make!

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