Friday, September 13, 2013

It's the Little Things

Happy Friday, pretty people! This week has been a challenging one, with classes revving up into full swing, my first exam (which just happened to be a law exam on Friday the 13th - of all days), and as usual, never getting enough sleep.

Sometimes I don't make time for the things I should and even if I do, I feel guilty about it. For instance, I am currently reading a book called Kisses From Katie, which is so amazing that I am in tears every time I read it. I can relate to Katie's love for Uganda because of my own love for Haiti and it's seriously already one of my favorite books I've ever read (and I'm only about halfway through it!). (Blog to follow upon completion.)

Another example is my involvement in Campus Ministries. I am so blessed to live with a precious girl named Abbey this year, who is becoming one of my best friends. She is strong, faithful, grounded and she loves Jesus with her whole heart. We decided to try a new ministry this year, so we've been attending RUF and joined a "Community Group" to get to know some of the other girls. We absolutely love it and were so blessed at our Tuesday night Community Group meeting. It's a truly amazing feeling to be surrounded by young Christian women that believe the same things you do, encourage you in the faith, and teach you what it means to be more like Christ.

In college, it seems like every professor thinks that their class is your only class. Ha! Sometimes, we get so busy that it's easiest to push the "little things" to the back burner and do what we have to do to make the deadline, get the grade, impress the professor, etc.

But today, be reminded that the "little things" are actually the BIG things. If you make time for Jesus - and sometimes that means going to sit in a living room full of girls and eat cookies and talk about Him - He is only going to bless you for giving of your time and energy. If you take a few minutes to read that book you can barely stand to put down, if you let yourself sleep an extra 30 minutes and just throw your hair in a ponytail that day... you will be glad you did. Take time to enjoy the little things, because one day, you'll realize that they made a difference in your life, and perhaps someone else's too!

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