Monday, April 28, 2014

Renmen Abonde

Renmen Abonde, creole for "love abounds," is the name I've finally chosen for my bracelets.

It's taken me quite a while to decide on a name, because I didn't want a name that pointed to any good I'm doing by making them, but rather point to the love of Jesus, because without Him none of this would be possible.

When I think about the way Jesus has taken some wire and a few beads and transformed them into something so beautiful, it gives me goosebumps. Isn't it funny how He can take simple things and transform them into awesome opportunities to share our faith? Making these bracelets has been such an adventure, full of every emotion wrapped into one. How do you start something like this with no money? I found out first hand that the answer to that question is faith. Trusting that the Lord would honor my efforts for Him, I jumped in head first with this attempt to raise money for my upcoming mission trip to Jacmel, Haiti. Since then, I've seen the Lord work in my life in the most profound way and I know that it's only a glimpse of the goodness He will reveal during my time in Haiti.

So many people have answered the call that Jesus has placed on their lives, buying bracelets and giving far more than asked of them in return. There aren't words to describe the gratitude I have for their support, encouragement and generosity.

My heart behind these bracelets is to connect women all across the world in Christ. Each of these bracelets are tangible reminders of the love that abounds across the deepest waters, uniting his daughters through the love that He so freely gives.

Thank you, Jesus. Your love abounds.

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