Saturday, April 26, 2014

Take Heart

These last few months, The Lord has really been working on my heart. He used this adorable little boutique, some wire, and a few beads to totally wreck my heart, grow my love for the Haitian people, and learn to wholly place my trust in Him. After making my bracelets for just a little over a month, I've already raised more than half of what I need to go back to Haiti in August, and last week, after praying diligently that the Lord would continue to open doors and provide new opportunities for this effort to grow, I ran into my friend, Emma, in the library, who suggested I take my bracelets to the boutique where she works in Blowing Rock. Today, I walked in here with no idea what to expect and left with my heart so full I thought it might explode. Not only did Sheri, the owner of Take Heart, purchase my bracelets, but she also blessed my heart in the most precious way with encouragement, Godly advice, inspiration, and a challenge to dream bigger than I even thought possible. Why have I been limiting what I thought God could do in my life? He made it so clear to me today that He has big, big things in store for me if I'll just dream a little bigger, sparkle a little brighter, and fall a little more In love with Him || Jesus, it's all Jesus.

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