Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Within the last 3 weeks, I graduated from college, started my job, one of my best friends got married, I watched my cousin graduate from dental hygiene school, and I adopted a dog... all the while visiting my grandma in the nursing home, participating in all my church's activities, helping my fiance look for a house and preparing for a huge yard sale. Not to mention making hundreds of bracelets in an effort to raise money for our upcoming mission trip to Haiti. Happy and stressed and busy and overwhelmed and blessed beyond measure... "Too blessed to be stressed," that's for sure. Wow. When did life become such a roller coaster? I can be emotional depending on the situation, but I swear these last few months I've been on top of the world one minute and crying the next. I guess that's what happens when you cram what should be about 5 years of excitement into a few months.

Isn't it funny how we get so stressed out about these kinds of things, though? I mean, when I leave for Haiti, I have full confidence that Jesus is going to wrap His arms around me, protect me, and use me just like He did last time. There's just not a sliver of doubt in my mind. But, when I think about Grayson and I finding a house in the short amount of time we have to do it, it scares me to death. Why is that? Jesus already has our little house picked out. He knows what kind of counter tops and curtains and floors it has, He knows what the backyard is like, and He even knows what flowers we'll plant in the front yard. So, in the midst of the stress of not knowing... I'd like to declare FREEDOM. Freedom in Christ to not know. Freedom in Christ to have faith in His goodness, in His unwavering faithfulness, in His perfect timing and plan for our lives. When you force yourself to take a step back, release the white-knuckled grip of control you [almost always unsuccessfully] have of your own life, and let the Lord lead you, you will experience a freedom like you have never had before. We serve a good God, a loving Father, and His plan is perfect (even when we don't understand it). Declare freedom in Him today, friends.

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