Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I WON'T be watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

It never fails, year after year, my Twitter and Facebook news feeds are full of girls - yes, that's right - girls, not guys - posting things like, "Can't wait for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight!" or "It's VS Fashion Show day! Best day of the year!"

Needless to say, afterwards, my news feeds are filled with the same girls posting things like, "OMG I hate my life, I'll never be that skinny."  or "Why is she so perfect? I just wanna be Adriana Lima!" These posts, I've noticed, are usually accompanied by a picture of one of the "angels," half-dressed in something only their husbands should see.

It's bad enough that society has reached the level of depravity that women flaunting themselves around practically naked for the whole world to see- let alone calling themselves "angels" while doing it - is acceptable. But, for it to be something that is looked forward to with great anticipation- by girls, none the less- just blows my mind.

First of all, why would a girl want to watch that? To feel terrible about her body and lower her self esteem? Whether they admit it or not, I guarantee that most girls feel like they are morbidly obese after watching those 5'10" and barely 100 pound women strut around practically naked. A body like that is practically impossible to achieve and not healthy. It's definitely NOT the standard the average woman should hold herself to. Remember ladies, only a dog likes a bone.

Secondly, for the men who watch this "fashion show," I've got news for you. Just because it's called a "fashion show," doesn't mean it affects your mind any differently than pornography. When a man watches porn, it gives him unrealistic expectations of what intimacy is like between what should be him and his wife and makes him feel like a woman is something on earth solely to bring him pleasure, rather than a gift from God to treasure and glorify the Lord by loving and serving alongside.

Lastly, as Christians, don't you think it's time to stand up and fight for what we know is right? Sure, not watching it because you don't like the way it dehumanizes women is all well and good, but how bout standing up and saying something about it? I've felt this way about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since my freshman year of college, when after leaving a group of about 15 girls who were all watching it together, I found myself sitting in my room alone thinking long and hard about how terrible it was that society has got to this point. I'm ashamed it's taken me until now to stand up and say I'M NOT WATCHING IT.

How about you?

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