Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness

Ever since Gray popped the question, everyone has, of course, wanted to see my ring. So, naturally, I've wanted to get my nails done all week. Knowing I really shouldn't spend the money, I decided to just bite the bullet and get them done Friday afternoon. I never spend money on things like that, but I thought, of all times, this was one time I could spare the $30. I did just get engaged, after all.

Shortly after I sat down, a sweet little lady I had never met sat down beside me. As we got our nails done, I told her all about the proposal, my sweet fiance and our plans for our future together. She was so precious and wanted to know every detail. She told me about how she married her best friend when she was 19, and now they have been married for 50 something years and she still adores him like she did the day they said their vows.

It reminded me so much of my grandparents and the 62 years of marriage they shared before he passed away. Love like that - the kind that has stood the test of time - is such an inspiration to me. She was so in love, even after all this time and all I could think about is that I want that more than anything with Grayson. Yes, he's the fun-loving, spontaneous, passionate guy I want to spend my 20's with.... but he's also the strong, faithful, caring and Godly man I want to spend my 80's with.

The lady got up and after her nail polish was dry, she paid and came over to where I was sitting, still waiting on the man to finish my manicure. She put her arm around me and said, "I enjoyed talking to you today, sweetheart. I paid for your manicure. It's my engagement gift to you. I'm so happy for you."

I was totally and completely shocked. I thanked her, but before I knew it, she was gone. I didn't even know her name and she had shown me such unexpected and heartfelt kindness and generosity. I couldn't believe it. As I left with tears in my eyes, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God had spoken to me, once again, this time through a sweet little lady that just so happened to pay for my manicure.

I always pray that the Lord will speak to me and show me His will in tangible ways. I pray that He will literally slap me in the face with it, drop it on my doorstep, make it so completely obvious and clear that I can not miss it. I feel like this woman's "random" act of kindness was not so random, at all. I truly believe that this woman's kind gesture was just another whisper from my Savior saying, "Yes, child. You're right in the center of My will. Grayson is the man I made just for you. You're on the right path, and if you continue to seek Me first in all you do, I will bless you and your relationship."

What I would give to be able to find her and tell her how much that meant to me.

I am so overjoyed and overwhelmed by the love we've been shown this past week. Thank you again to everyone who has poured love and blessings on us. We have so much to be thankful for.

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