Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wonders

My last weekend before school starts back was an absolute blast, filled with all my favorite things! This summer went by way too fast.

1. I met Momma for lunch on Friday at Zada Janes (, one of our favorite places because um... hello... do you see those nachos? They're heavenly and loaded down with grilled zucchini, squash, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, corn, black beans, lettuce, and queso. I'd been wanting to do something special for her before I go back to Boone next weekend, so I got us tickets to see "I Love Lucy" live ( downtown on Thursday (my last night at home before senior year!). She was so surprised!

2. Grayson's friend from high school, Abbey, got married. I LOVE WEDDINGS and this one was honestly one of the prettiest, most Spirit-filled ones I've ever been to. From the whole congregation singing "In Christ Alone" to everyone at the reception holding hands while we blessed the food, it was totally and completely a celebration of their covenant made before God, exactly how it should be. Congratulations Abbey and Matt!

3. Fresh peaches! Every summer, my Momma and I take a day trip to Chesnee, South Carolina, where we meet my family from Greenville, South Carolina for lunch and a trip to Strawberry Hill ( to get fresh peaches. They're the best peaches and we love making peach smoothies for breakfast!

4. This precious aunt of mine. I love my aunt Peggy. In her 70's, she is one of the most hilarious, vivacious, loving women I've ever known. All of my grandmother's sisters have a special place in my heart, each one of them different and wonderful in their own unique way. Being around them makes me wish I had a sister!

5. Birthday cake ice cream. It had big hunks of real cake in it and sprinkles. Just saying... it was awesome.

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