Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mountains {of stress}

With school starting back and mountains of stress that have been mysteriously hiding under the snuggly blanket of summer revealing themselves once more, I've been thinking a lot about stress and what a person's reaction to stress says about their character.

It's easy to have a good attitude when everything is going your way. When all is right with the world and you aren't in the process of fighting any major "battles," it seems that a positive attitude just comes naturally. However, when stress makes its way to the forefront of your mind and you are consumed with climbing mountains that seem near impossible, how is your attitude then?

A person's attitude during the bad times says far more about their character than their attitude during the good times.

This week, take this challenge with me: don't let your present circumstances affect the way you treat people. The reward far outweighs the convenience of letting your emotions get the best of you.

Happy Thursday!

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