Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I know who He is

I don't know what He's doing, but I know who He is.

God, that is. I know who He is. I know He's a faithful Father, a loving, merciful Master, a Healer, and the gracious giver of all good things. He sees the depths of my heart, and He loves me anyway. He has a perfect plan for my life and cares about the intricate details of my life (and yours too!).

So... why do I question him? What is it about my stubborn, white-knuckled "need" for control that won't let me release full surrender to the One who I know has only His best in store for me? I know that I'm not the only one who struggles with this, any my heart for this blog is to be as transparent as possible. After all, we're all in this together, right?

Jesus loves us more in a fraction of a second than anyone else ever could in a lifetime. Can you even wrap your brain around that truth? It's mind blowing. What love, what grace, what wholesome devotion He has for us. So, with that said, what can we do to return that affection?

What is helping me - and it's a daily process, something I have to put at the forefront of my thinking each and every day - is reminding myself that I have to be all I can be where I am, when I'm there, for Him.

Each part of that decision is important, because being all I can be.... for Him implies that I have to always try my best at everything I do, as if I'm doing it for the Lord (Colossians 3:23) even if I'm not necessarily happy about it. Everyone knows that it's easy to be happy when you're doing something you love, but how is your spirit when it's not so fun? That's where true joy comes in. If you have that true joy that can only come from Him, it's present even during the struggles.

Having this attitude where I am, when I'm there implies that I can't be focused on the past or consumed with the future. I have to force my mind to understand that today, God has me where He has me, doing what He would have me to do, and I have to not only learn to be okay with it, but to thank Him for it (even if I don't understand it right now). It all goes back to what we know... He's the giver of all good things, He has a perfect plan, He's faithful....

So, if you're struggling with this same idea of giving it all to God, I hope these words have been of some encouragement to you and give you the encouragement you need to put full faith in His plan, His purpose, and His timing. Lets work towards the peace that can only come from this kind of surrender together.

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